How To Make Kirby Dots

By Loston Wallace

How To Make Kirby Dots

This tutorial will teach you how to make Kirby Dots. These are also sometimes called the "Kirby Crackle". They were named after Jack Kirby, who used them to show how superheroes and supervillains basically nuked each other.

Step 1. Here the target is "A" and we decide that the main blast "B" is coming from the right.

Step 2. In this case, I just took a Sharpie and went to town. "C" is the main blast, "D" marks the area to put the kirby dots. "E" is the negative or white space. This is the whole secret to this technique. The white space should look like energy.

Step 3. Remember to make the dots larger near the edges of the page, and make them smaller near the center.

Step 4. Finally, if you want this to look cool, it needs to look natural, not machine-like, so throw in overlapping dots and vary the sizes.

How To Make Kirby Dots

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