How To Draw Women

how to draw women

By Loston Wallace
This tutorial will show you how to draw women. Loston has drawn this character facing us, and has made several changes so that she looks more feminine. Whenever you draw pretty women, you need to be sure to keep the lines in the face to a minimum. Extra lines in the face or neck can look like wrinkles and add age. When in doubt, definitely leave it out. In this image, notice how the nose is not drawn all the way from the bridge to the tip. Part of the line depicting the nose is left out. This is pretty common when drawing pretty women's faces in comics and is a handy trick to learn. The neck is drawn gracefully, and the eyes are drawn a little large, since they are the focal point of the drawing. Heavy eyelashes add sex appeal and notice they are drawn as one mass and not separately. The chin is drawn small and pointed to look more feminine. Her mouth is drawn slightly open to add interest.

Notice that the belt has been redrawn higher than on the original drawing. This makes the waist look much slimmer and more appealing.

When drawing women, it helps to think in terms of "S" and "C" curves. Learning to draw long, confident and attractive curves is a big step toward drawing the female figure well.

A shadow has been drawn on the leg to give this drawing a three-dimensional quality. There is another shadow under the chin. One of the challenges of being an artist is conveying a three-dimensional illusion while drawing on a two-dimensional surface. This is something you should always strive for.

The knee was too thin, so it has been slightly thickened, and the foot has been drawn smaller so that it looks more feminine.

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