How To Draw Wolverine

how to draw wolverine
how to draw wolverine

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Wolverine. Wolverine has to be one of the most popular all-time superheroes, along with Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. Of course, recent movies have endeared him to a new generation of kids. Here are some things to remember when you draw Wolverine:

1. The first thing to fix in the picture is the anatomy of the chest. The chest muscle, or pectoralis major, is in the shape of a fan. The narrow part of the muscle starts below the shoulders, and it fans outward from there. The illustration below will hopefully make this more clear.

how to draw wolverine

2) One very common mistake when learning how to draw Wolverine or other superheroes is to draw them with their arms straight and bulging or contracted biceps. It's important to think about how the muscles work together. If Wolverine's arms are held straight out, then it's his triceps that need to be contracted, and his biceps need to be lengthened or stretched out. The biceps only contract when the elbow is bent.

3) In the same way, the shoulders and chest muscles also work together. When you lift your shoulder, your shoulder muscles will contract, and your chest muscles get longer.

4) Wolverine is short and thickly muscled, not tall and elegant.

5) Wolverine's muscles don't look very realistic here; they look sort of flat. One of the best ways to learn how to draw muscles is to test yourself and draw from your imagination, then check what you've drawn against reference. This will drive home the mistakes you need to correct better than just using reference from the beginning. Muscle magazines are great resources, so be sure to keep some nearby anytime you draw.

6) It's important to show the neck here. Otherwise, the viewer will feel like his head is going to fall off.

7) Learning anatomy is crucial to taking the next step as an artist. An important muscle that you have forgotten is the Sartorius muscle. This is a muscle that wraps around the leg. Take a look at the diagram below to get a better understanding of thigh anatomy.

how to draw wolverine

8) Hands are difficult to draw, but like everything, you can improve with practice. Try drawing your own hands in different poses.

9) Wolverine is a short character, so be sure not to make his legs too long. He should have a heroic torso and shorter legs.

how to draw wolverine

This is another image showing how to draw Wolverine. Wolverine's poses usually show him leaping in mid-air,claws outstretched or getting ready to leap. It's important to capture this energy when you draw him. He has a compact muscular frame (he's short), and a well-developed back. Loston has made some nice improvements in the sketch on the right below.

- Adding shadows helps to define the form and make it look more believable. When he's hunched over this way, most of his lower body is going to be in shadow.

- The back muscles make a big difference when defined.

- The placement of the shoulders looks more real.

- The placement of the legs adds balance and power to the pose.

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