How To Draw White Queen

By Loston Wallace
Original Artwork by Manji
This tutorial will teach you how to draw White Queen.

Compare the images on the right and left.

The pose of the figure on the right is a little inconsistent. It appears to be a front view, but her legs seem to be posed at a three-quarter angle. By shifting her hips and chest so that she faces her right, she will have a more interesting pose, as a front view can look too flat. The slight twist also shows off more of her curves on her left side.

Her upper right arm could be improved. By defining the triceps on a female arm, it can unfortunately have the opposite effect and make the arm look flabby. It also seems to be too long, and shortening it would make it look more natural.

The area around the face would look rounder with a little more contrast. Just a few minor adjustments would make this image look fantastic.

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