How To Draw The Thing

How To Draw The Thing How To Draw The Thing How To Draw The Thing

By Loston Wallace
You'll learn how to draw The Thing in this tutorial. This is one of the toughest characters to draw. The real key is the shape of the head. Try to draw a head in the shape of a lightbulb or mushroom. As you can see in the pictures above, the other head shapes don't look as good. Also, pay attention to the way the eyebrow curves around the head, as that can make or break your drawing. Keep the details of the stony texture to a minimum, and draw the rocks as simple shapes. For the facial features, take note of the pictures above. Size and placement of the eyes, nose, chin, and mouth are important to get the right look. Finally, notice the shading on the rocks is all consistently on the same side, so as always, make sure to decide on the direction of light.

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