How To Draw The Hulk Part 2 - The Body

How To Draw The Hulk

This tutorial will teach you how to draw the Hulk, focusing on his body. Compare the image on the left to the one on the right. You will see that the one on the right has been improved in several ways.

- The hair's highlight is clear, and gives the hair a definite volume.

- His bangs are varied in length and look more natural. Stray hairs on the top add to his rough image. The Hulk has never used a comb!

- The teeth are clenched and the lips are raised, revealing some of his gums.

- The cheekbones are more defined, jutting out.

- The pupils are smaller, showing rage, which we associate with the Hulk.

- The eyebrows are bushy, not smooth. This matches the disheveled image of the Hulk better.

- The muscles are larger and/or better defined.

- The vein on his left arm adds interest to the image.

- The shadows around his head and muscles add a sense of volume.

By Loston Wallace

Original Art By Bat Hilliard

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