How To Draw Superman

how to draw superman

By Loston Wallace

This tutorial will show you how to draw Superman. Compare the original image to the one that has been modified. The original image has very nice clean lines, but there are some areas which can be improved. The head needs to be a little smaller. Also notice how the adjustments to the shoulder and arm on the right side make him seem stronger. It's important for Superman to have the "V" taper. The shadow shapes on his shorts have also been simplified so that they make more sense. Finally, the "S" emblem on his chest should be larger.

how to draw superman

Thanks to Smitty for these tips on Superman's face. The face can be improved by moving the ear a bit higher. The ear typically lines up with the brow line and mouth. The chin has been slightly adjusted to line up with the center of the face, and there have been some small changes to the hair.

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