How To Draw Superheroes

Check out these great tutorials to learn how to draw superheroes.

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how to draw spiderman
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how to draw batman
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how to draw superman
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Here are some tips to keep in mind to improve your drawings.

- Start off with a stick man with the proper proportions. Get comfortable putting stick men in lots of different poses. This way, you won't invest a lot of time in something that doesn't look as good.

- Next, flesh out the stick man with muscles, and finally add the details.

- Your hero should be in a dynamic pose, not just standing there! He or she should be crouching, running, fighting, leaping, etc.

- Use foreshortening to make your pose more interesting. A typical example of foreshortening is the huge fist thrust out toward the viewer.

- Keep your lines confident and flowing. Don't forget to vary their thickness. Generally the thickest lines are used to outline the character.

- Don't bother with too many greytones. Comic images are usually inked, which means the shading is up to the inker.

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