How To Draw Stick Figures

how to draw stick figures

This tutorial will teach you how to draw stick figures. Let's begin with the basic proportions of 8 heads for a man. Memorizing these proportions is easy and makes a good starting point for our drawing.

1. Start with 2 lines, one representing the top of the head, and the other for the bottom of the feet.

2. Find the center point. This is the crotch. 3. Find the center between the crotch and feet. This is the placement for the knees. Draw two circles to indicate them. 4. Divide the space between the crotch and head into quarters. The new lines represent the placement for the chin, nipples, and navel / elbows. Make circles for the elbows. 5. Now draw the 3 big shapes - the head, ribcage, and pelvis. Go down 1/3 of a head from the chin. This represents the placement of the shoulders. Draw circles for the shoulders, and draw a line through the elbows to the hands. Draw circles for the hands. Draw lines from the pelvis through the knees to the feet for the legs. 6. Finally, you can use a simple cross to indicate the direction the head, ribcage, and pelvis are facing.

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