How To Draw Spiderman

How To Draw Spiderman

By Loston Wallace. Here are some tips for how to draw Spiderman. When drawing Spiderman's costume, first block out the areas with webbing. Those are the red areas on his costume. Draw the vertical lines first, then the horizontal lines. Don't forget that the horizontal lines should have a "wave" shape to them - they don't cut straight across.

How To Draw Spiderman

Drawing Spiderman's mask from the side can be a little tricky so here are some tips.

Step 1. Draw the outline and the eye. Drawing the jawline and ear under the mask are optional but can be helpful in reminding you of the contours of the face. As you can see, they are not in the final drawing.

Step 2. Draw the oval shape over the bridge of the nose first, and then the lines radiating outwards. Pay attention to the spacing.

Step 3. Draw the connecting horizontal lines. Draw these lightly, as you will make them "wavy" later.

Step 4. Now draw the lines on the back of the head and neck.

Step 5. Draw one intersecting line which runs behind the ear.

Step 6. Make the lines wavy.

Step 7. All done!

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