How To Draw Spiderman

how to draw spiderman
how to draw spiderman

By Loston Wallace

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Spiderman. There are several suggestions on how to improve the original image. Beginning with the composition of the image, Spiderman's right knee is making a tangent with the building. A tangent is something that happens when lines from 2 different things overlap, and it makes it hard to tell one thing from the other. To solve this problem, Spiderman should be moved over to the right. Second, there are too many clouds in the sky, making the image look cluttered. Third, one of the buildings should be moved down in order to make more free space around Spiderman.
There are also some anatomy problems here. The hands are too large, and the thighs are too bulky and muscular. The shape of the feet, especially on the left, can be improved. The heels of his boots should be flat. The shadows on the costume can be simplified.

how to draw spiderman

And here is the final image, with several improvements over the original.

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