How To Draw Rocks

By Loston Wallace

how to draw rocks

This tutorial will show you how to draw rocks. Rocks are fun to draw because you can draw them any size or shape. The thing you need to pay attention to is how you draw the shadows. Notice in the picture above that the shadows are drawn heavily, with white patches in them to indicate roughness. I also try to break up large patches of white with cracks but not too many. A successful drawing will have a good balance of light and shadow. Drawing too much texture will just end up making the drawing a confusing mess.

how to draw rocks

Step 1. Begin with an outline of the mountains, and just draw some simple shapes with sharp peaks.

Step 2. Decide where the sun is located. In this case, the sunlight is coming from the top right, so I'll draw shadows on the opposite side.

Step 3. Following the same process as above, I make the shadows heavy, and leave white streaks in them to convey a sense of texture.

Step 4. I refine the drawing, leaving more white near the lower peaks to improve the contrast with the taller ones.

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