How To Draw Ironman Part 2

how to draw ironman how to draw ironman

By Loston Wallace

Hi gang, this is the second tutorial on how to draw Ironman. Compare the original art with Loston's overlay. Starting with the helmet, let's take a look at Figure A and Figure B. In the original, the lines for the cheeks are too close to those eye slots. The chin is also too kind of looks like the Joker's chin. Finally, the shape of the mouth slot should curve along with the face plate and the widow's peak should be toned down a bit.

As far as the body goes, make sure you've got the arm anatomy down. Use reference if you need it. That goes the same for the legs. It's a good idea to show the lower torso here so that the foreshortening will look better. It gives the figure this tapered look. The clouds should be simplified so they don't distract the viewer from the image. You want Ironman to stand out clearly. Go To How To Draw Ironman Part 1

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