How To Draw Hawkeye

By Loston Wallace

Original Art By Pifalo

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Hawkeye.

In the drawing on the left, the lighting is a bit inconsistent on Hawkeye's face. The shadows there don't seem to jive with the shadowing on the rest of his body. Most of the overhead light seems to be coming from a light source coming down at a diagonal from the right side of this drawing. This means that the shadows on the nose would fall mostly on the right side of the nose and below the nose at a diagonal angle--not straight beneath the nose. There's also more than a good chance that Hawk's right arm is in a position to cast a shadow that would fall over his right knee.

I really don't think it's necessary to show the facial muscles above Hawkeye's eyes showing through the material of his mask. It really doesn't add anything to the drawing, and only serves to make the drawing less credible and believable. The lines don't enhance the expression all that much, and they sort of add age to his face. You should be able use his eyes and mouth in conjunction with the shape of the eye holes of the mask to get across all the expression information. It's best to keep things uncomplicated, clean and simple.

The left forearm looks to be a little small in the foreshortening--especially when compared with the rest of the upper arm. The wrist bracer doesn't help matters much from a visual standpoint. The forearm just appears to be a bit on the stubby side. A minor thing, maybe, but worth some mention.

Another area of Hawkeye's anatomy that is a little weird is the lower left leg. Looking at this leg, it seems like you were trying to draw the upper leg from a straight-on POV, yet the lower leg seems to be at more of a worm's eye POV. I think the fix is pretty simple. The wormseye POV of the lower leg is the way to go. To fix this leg, I recommend moving the knee a little higher than the leg than you've indicated here. The calf also needs some work. Widen and round off the tops of the calf muscles to sell the dramatic foreshortening to the viewer. Right now Hawkeye's lower left leg appears to be a bit gimpy and underdeveloped when you compare it to his more muscular right calf. The solution is to beef up his left calf to match the right.

Hawkeye's right hand should probably be turned differently. I think it would be more natural to turn the palm side of the hand upward.

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