How To Draw Hands - Part 2

how to draw hands

By Loston Wallace

Here is another tutorial on how to draw hands. Specifically, you will learn how to draw a fist from a side view.

Step 1. Draw this rough mitten shape lightly so you can erase it later. The thumb is rectangular in shape, but the top knuckle is triangular. Angle the thumb away from the wrist at 45 degrees.

Step 2. Add the shape of the index finger. Keep drawing lightly. Make the corner 90 degrees.

Step 3. Indicate the folds of the index finger with a "y-shape". Draw this lightly.

Step 4. Refine the shape, and draw more heavily, as these will be your final lines. The fist is not perfectly flat, so add the curves as you see them.

Step 5. Add the final details. Notice how some lines are thicker than others.

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