How To Draw Girls

how to draw girls

By Loston Wallace

This overlay shows you how to draw girls. The original art is on the left, and Loston's improvements are on the right. First, the chin is a little large, and looks masculine. Reducing the size of the chin will make her look prettier. Also, her eyes are different sizes, which diminishes her beauty. In the new drawing, the right eye has been slightly enlarged. The eyebrow has been lowered to add more facial balance. Finally, the neck has been simplified, made more graceful and attractive.

how to draw girls

This face can be improved in several ways. First, it appears to be more masculine than feminine. The biggest improvement can be made in the overall structure of the jaw and cheeks. The jaw is very square and unattractive. A "tear drop" shape is more graceful. Her cheekbones should be drawn lower to make her look more young and beautiful. Her eyes are too high on the head, and they are too narrow. This is a very common mistake that people new to drawing make. We place importance on the eyes and place them higher than they really are. They are actually located about halfway down between the top of the head and chin. Also, it's tough to balance drawing a strong yet attractive woman, but you don't want to go overboard on her muscles in her arms and shoulders.

how to draw girls

Let's take a look at another picture. First, there are lots of extra lines on the face. When drawing a girl, you have to be careful to keep lines to a minimum. The girl's eyes are too large and are placed a little low. For more information on correct proportions for facial features, see how to draw heads.

In the original drawing, there isn't enough space between the nose and the lip. The upper lip has also been thickened. When drawing a mouth that's open, the jaw should lower with the mouth, so the spacing stays the same. Notice how the original image has a square jaw. Making the jaw more pointed makes it look more feminine.

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