How To Draw Daredevil

By Loston Wallace

Original Artwork By DogSoldier

How To Draw Daredevil How To Draw Daredevil

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Daredevil.

Compare the top and bottom images. The way Daredevil's whip touches the tops of his knuckles makes a tangent. This would look better if the whip was looped out and under his hand, as it would separate the whip from the hand and give the whip a more smooth flowing look and adding interest to the image.

Gymnasts and acrobats typically have very powerful traps, lats, and shoulders. Because Daredevil is a gymnast, his lats should be drawn bigger to give him that V-taper. He has no traps, which kind of make him look skinny and weak. The shoulders look pretty good, but they can be made to look more powerful.

Making some adjustments to the head would also make this character look stronger. The jawline could be lengthened and the eyes could be enlarged and moved slightly.

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