How To Draw 3d Shapes Part 2

This tutorial is the second in a series that will show you how to draw 3d shapes. Start as before with a horizon line. Use a ruler and make sure this is perfectly parallel with the top and bottom edges of your paper.

This time we will use 2 vanishing points. Put them on either side. By the way, this is called "two-point perspective".

Now, draw a vertical line somewhere on your paper. I've chosen to draw it below the horizon line, but it could just as easily have been put above it.

Connect the top and bottom of the line to both vanishing points.

Now choose a place to draw a second vertical line between those construction lines.

Connect it to the vanishing point on the left.

Draw another line.

Connect it to the vanishing point on the right, and you're done! You've just made a 3d box in two-point perspective!

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