Drawing Basics

Learn Drawing Basics with the fun tutorials on this page.

dynamic angles How To Draw 3D Shapes How To Draw 3D Shapes How To Draw 3D Shapes How To Make A Carbon Transfer how to draw rocks how to draw rocks

- Before you begin drawing your favorite superheroes, get a grasp on the basics. Learn to draw boxes and cylinders, and to think in 3d.

- Learn about lighting and shadow.

- Learn how to hold your pencil so that you can make nice flowing lines.

- Learn how to control your pencil so you can vary the line width and make your drawings more interesting.

- Study anatomy to make sure your characters look right. Try working on one body part at a time. Take one day and draw just the hands or feet, for example.

- Be patient and persistent. Everyone knows when you're growing a plant from a seed, you invest time and energy watering it and making sure it gets sunlight, and you see no immediate results. Yet without that initial investment, your plant would never grow.Think of your drawing skills in the same way.

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