How To Draw Hulk

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Hulk. It's good to remember that the Hulk is not just an enormous body builder with green skin. He is a gamma-irradiated, mutated monster. Draw the Hulk with a wide body and massive muscles. His long powerful arms and thick squat legs are similar to the build of a gorilla, and he is usually drawn with ripped abs.

One thing you have to get right with the Hulk is the face. These features are absolutely crucial in making him the familiar beloved green-skinned goliath of comics.

1) Large Neanderthal Brow-- Hulk is a monstrous brute. The enlarged brow helps sell this aspect of his character. You can show the brow not only with lines on the forehead but also by emphasizing the shadows around the eyes.

2) Beady eyes that are often widely-spaced apart. On a normal face, as a rule of thumb, you'd leave one eye-width between the two eyes, but with the Hulk, draw the eyes smaller, and leave 2 eye-widths between them.

3) The Hulk has a short and wide pug nose.

4) Normally, on a person, you start out drawing the major thirds of the face - from hairline to the bridge of the nose, from the bridge to the bottom of the nose, and from the bottom of the nose to the chin. You can see the face tutorial here. In the case of the Hulk, leave extra space between the bottom of Hulk's nose and the top of his mouth. The extra space combined with the short nose give him the "gorilla look".

5) Extra wide mouth filled with oversized teeth.

6) Protruding cheek bones, square jaw.

7) Unkempt hair. Hulk's never had any use for a comb. He's just too busy smashing things to bother with grooming. His hair should always be wild and unruly looking.

Here's a quick sketch showing all these familiar Hulk facial characteristics:

draw hulk

By Loston Wallace

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