How To Draw Anime Eyes

draw anime eyes

This tutorial will teach you how to draw anime eyes. There is no doubt that the eyes are usually the focus of your drawings. Anime eyes are so much fun to draw because they are highly stylized and they come in so many shapes and sizes.

Step 1. I start by scribbling a basic shape for the eye. Notice that the upper eyelid is thick, and that the eyelashes are not drawn individually. Also, notice the white of the eye is just a little sliver on one side.

Step 2. To add interest to the eye, make sure that you draw a reflection. This also helps to add the illusion of roundness. I draw the shape first, and will shade around it later.

Step 3. Add another reflection around the pupil. This is where you can really have a lot of fun. I'm using a half-moon shape here, but it could just as easily be an oval or square. Use your imagination and try experimenting.

Step 4. Here I clean up the lines and make them taper more gracefully. I change the shape of the eyebrow and indicate the eyelid with a line. Notice that part of the lower eyelid is not drawn. When I shade, I do it with a series of strokes side-to-side, rather than filling it in.

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